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Developer Wallet Setup

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You will need a developer wallet that is compatible with Eclipse, because the SVM RPC pulls a recent block hash from whichever RPC you're connected to. In this section, we walk through two wallets: Salmon Wallet and MetaMask Snaps.

Salmon Wallet


In this walkthrough, we'll download Eclipse's fork of the Salmon wallet. This wallet is only to be used for devnet purposes until it is fully audited. These instructions work on Chrome or any Chromium-based browser like Brave or Opera.
  1. 1.
    Download from the GitHub repo​
  2. 2.
    Unzip the file
  3. 3.
    Type chrome://extensions in your browser search bar
  4. 4.
    Toggle on Developer mode in the top right corner of your browser
  5. 5.
    Drag and drop the unzipped file (build-extension) to your browser
  6. 6.
    Pin the extension for easy access
  7. 7.
    Configure the wallet by selecting Eclipse Devnet from the dropdown within Salmon Wallet
Download the zip file: The first step is to download the zip file which contains the Chrome extension for the wallet and unzip it. ​We've uploaded the zip file ( to this GitHub repo.
Enable developer mode: Type chrome://extensions in the search bar. Enable developer mode in the top right corner of the broswer.
Type chrome://extensions into the address bar and enable Developer Mode in the top right corner.
Install the extension: Drag and drop the unzipped file to the browser. This will install the extension. Keep in mind that you can't move or delete the unzipped file once you've installed it, or it will break the extension.
Drag the unzipped folder onto the chrome://extensions page.
You can pin the wallet for easy access:
Click the Extensions icon to open your list of extensions, then click the pin button next to Salmon Wallet.
Configure the wallet: Change the network to Eclipse Devnet.
Select Eclipse Devnet in the dropdown within Salmon wallet.
Your developer wallet for Eclipse is setup. You can request testnet tokens via the faucet.

Adding Salmon Wallet To Your dApp

The Solana wallet provider automatically identifies the Salmon wallet if it is installed for users, so your SVM dApp requires no additional changes to support Salmon.

MetaMask Snaps


If you already have MetaMask installed, then installing the MetaMask Snap via a dApp that supports the Snap is trivial. The UI for the wallet adapter will guide you.

Adding Drift's MetaMask Snap To Your dApp

To support MetaMask, we recommend adding Drift's MetaMask Snap to your dApp by following their instructions. First, install the npm package: npm install --save @drift-labs/snap-wallet-adapter
Then in index.tsx:
// Import the Drift wallet adapter
import { SnapWalletAdapter } from '@drift-labs/snap-wallet-adapter';
function Root() {
return (
endpoint={!isDevelopment ? RPC_URL : `${RPC_URL}${RPC_TOKEN}`}
// Add the SnapWalletAdapter to the list of wallets
<WalletProvider wallets={[new SnapWalletAdapter()]} autoConnect>