What is Eclipse Mainnet?

Eclipse Mainnet is Ethereum's fastest Layer 2, powered by the Solana Virtual Machine (SVM).
Eclipse Mainnet combines the best pieces of the modular stack:
  • Settlement: Ethereum - Eclipse will settle to Ethereum (i.e., the enshrined validating bridge will be on Ethereum) and use ETH as its gas token.
  • Execution: Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) - Eclipse will run the highly performant SVM as its execution environment.
  • Data Availability: Celestia - Eclipse will post its data to Celestia for scalable data availability (DA).
  • Proving: RISC Zero - Eclipse will use RISC Zero for ZK proofs of fraud (without intermediate state serialization!).
We often hear about a future with a million app-specific rollups, but it's now clearer than ever that Ethereum needs a general-purpose L2 capable of truly massive scale. Most applications don’t benefit from app-specific chain customizations, and the resulting isolation and complexity can actually result in worse UX and developer experience.
There’s often a false dichotomy presented between the modular rollup vision vs. the ability to have a single chain with massive scale, parallelized execution, and shared state. “Modular” is often conflated with “app-specific”, which would lead you to believe that rollups mean a world of many fragmented and low-throughput chains. We challenge that idea.
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