Selected Projects Building with Eclipse

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Eclipse x Injective

​Injective and Eclipse have launched Cascade, an interchain Solana SVM. This means that Solana dApps can now be built and used on Injective, bringing Solana and Cosmos interoperability to new heights. Cascade is an optimistic, sovereign SVM rollup deployed using Eclipse that will bring hyper scalability to Solana smart contracts. It incorporates an SVM rollup to bring the throughput and speed of Solana to Cosmos and a long-term plan to leverage interchain security (ICS) for rollups.
This integration will attract a new audience to the Solana ecosystem and enable Cosmos users to utilize popular Solana dApps on Injective, resulting in increased Web3 adoption.

Eclipse x Polygon

Polygon and Eclipse are launching Polygon SVM, a Layer 2 blockchain that is capable of running all smart contracts and tooling compatible with Solana. This means that dApps built for Solana can easily migrate or go multichain to Polygon SVM. This will enable new use cases and traffic for the Polygon ecosystem.
With the launch of Polygon SVM, developers can now choose SVM on Polygon and leverage the security of the existing Polygon network while running the new blockchain, resulting in a faster and more efficient experience. The testnet for Polygon SVM will be released in late Q1 2023, with the mainnet launch set to follow in the summer.

Eclipse x Nautilus

​Nautilus Chain and Eclipse have partnered to launch a high-throughput zk-EVM chain, enabling a modular design for a range of applications, from consumer to DeFi. The chain utilizes Neon Labs to enable EVM transactions while using the parallelism of the Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM), resulting in faster transaction speeds for users. Blocks are then posted to CelestiaOrg for data availability.
The Nautilus chain currently operates as an optimistic rollup with a capacity of 2,000+ TPS, with the long-term vision to become a zero-knowledge EVM rollup with the RiscZero proof system. Eclipse is adding value to Nautilus through the ability to add features in the execution layer, gas abstraction, gas fee redistribution, and the option to move data availability layers in the future. The modular design of the Nautilus chain allows for flexibility and optionality for the community while it scales. By using Eclipse, Nautilus saved months of development work.

Eclipse x Hyperlane

Eclipse and Hyperlane partnered to bring Hyperlane's Permissionless Interoperability solution to Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) based blockchains. This integration enables Eclipse rollups to connect with other rollups and ecosystems without permission, communicate with non-IBC-enabled chains, provide fast-finality interoperability protocol for Eclipse rollups, and establish a mechanism for a token bridge.
Hyperlane's solution allows for unlimited instantiation of rollup chains, making it useful for high throughput SVM-based rollups. This collaboration is a significant step towards promoting interoperability, modularity, and customization within the SVM ecosystem and the industry as a whole.