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RPC & Block Explorers

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The public Eclipse Devnet RPC is

RPC Requirements

Our RPC specs reflect Solana's RPC node recommendations:
  • CPU: 16 cores / 32 threads, or more
  • RAM: 512 GB or more if account-index is used
  • Disk:
    • Consider a larger ledger disk if longer transaction history is required
    • Accounts and ledger should not be stored on the same disk

Setup an RPC Node

First, make sure that you've properly set up your Solana CLI: solana --version
Eclipse Devnet uses the Solana JSON-RPC. You should use Solana version 1.14.
Next, set the RPC correctly: solana config set --url
Create a keypair: solana-keygen new -o validator-keypair.json
You can modify the following script to boot your RPC node:
exec solana-validator \
--identity validator-keypair.json \
--known-validator FdFZZ9TpRJTfynYd1Apk3MP77wRwuEJ2Y4pDrq8ULJM6 \
--only-known-rpc \
--full-rpc-api \
--no-voting \
--ledger /mnt/ledger \
--log /home/eclipse/eclipse-rpc.log \
--rpc-port 8899 \
--rpc-bind-address \
--private-rpc \
--dynamic-port-range 8201-8300 \
--entrypoint \
--expected-genesis-hash CcicZJ8JVnQQvF4WFimQN1aW6pou5qpr5JMFAjFJ88DX \
--wal-recovery-mode skip_any_corrupted_record \
Note that you should not run a full node behind NAT.
You can also spin up your own dedicated RPC node with one of our RPC provider partners.

Block Explorers

The Eclipse RPC can be explored via a variety of block explorers:
  • You can use our official fork of Solana Explorer: Eclipse Explorer
  • You can use any existing Solana block explorer such as Solscan or Solana Explorer. For Solscan, we've configured this link which points to the correct RPC.
  • You can also use the Modular Cloud Explorer which aims to provide visibility into Celestia DA blobs and other components of the modular stack: Modular Cloud Eclipse Devnet Explorer