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Eclipse Testnet

Getting Sepolia ETH Tokens

As a user, you can use Sepolia ETH to explore the Eclipse testnet and dApps deployed on the network. Sepolia ETH is not meant to be traded, and is only used to test applications. Sepolia ETH can be claimed from a number of faucets: Alchemy, QuickNode, and Infura.
Here are instructions on how to claim Sepolia ETH on Alchemy Sepolia ETH Faucet.
  1. 1.
    Create an Alchemy account to request Sepolia ETH.
  2. 2.
    Visit the Alchemy Sepolia faucet and log in with your Alchemy account.
  3. 3.
    Enter your wallet in the provided box, complete the CAPTCHA verification, and click "Send Me ETH".

Eclipse Devnet

Requesting Devnet Tokens

You can request devnet tokens using this faucet UI.
To get devnet tokens programmatically, simply run this curl command in the terminal and replace YOUR_SOLANA_VM_ACCOUNT with the address of the wallet that you want to import tokens into.
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1, "method":"requestAirdrop", "params":["YOUR_SOLANA_VM_ACCOUNT", 1000000000]}'
The request is in "lamports," and you must request at least 1 SOL = 1000000000 lamports.
You can alternatively use the Solana CLI to airdrop yourself tokens:
solana config set --url
solana airdrop 1

Verifying Your Account Balance

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d ' {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1, "method":"getBalance", "params":["YOUR_SOLANA_VM_ACCOUNT"]}'
If you've just airdropped yourself some tokens, it might take a moment to show up.

SPL Token Faucet

For generating custom tokens, you can use our SPL Token Faucet frontend.
You can also use the SPL Token CLI directly. You can reference the Solana docs on the Token program, or you can follow the steps below to create a dummy fungible token:

Creating An SPL Token

Make sure your Solana CLI is configured to Eclipse Devnet and airdrop yourself some tokens. Next, install the SPL token CLI:
cargo install spl-token-cli
You can see all commands for this tool with spl-token --help.
Create the SPL token:
spl-token create-token
Creating token 7RFaNSSdVD9Q2aYJf1XNCTz7xKfgN19fAPAsAqzaorqr under program TokenkegQfeZyiNwAJbNbGKPFXCWuBvf9Ss623VQ5DA
Address: 7RFaNSSdVD9Q2aYJf1XNCTz7xKfgN19fAPAsAqzaorqr
Decimals: 9
Signature: 2a13fRfFHbbBdpF9QSecqAGjSZ4BBWoPKTSurcoXAL2RW5ZchAzbcY1pgqfDLzfGhDvSFd88egof4FTPtrAr72sv
Take note of the token address, which happens to be 7RFaNSSdVD9Q2aYJf1XNCTz7xKfgN19fAPAsAqzaorqr in this case.

Create A Balance For Your SPL Token

Create an empty account to hold a balance of your newly created token:
spl-token create-account 7RFaNSSdVD9Q2aYJf1XNCTz7xKfgN19fAPAsAqzaorqr
Creating account 4dYFmw8ytJmYDmZLvFnobT4CKC7Z5q1W5b9byEuVVap7
Signature: 25EsivN9f75yJNhrSrnM9TuPGHFx9tpyYwUhUomY5kydZpfvjcShJWCsUB5uk7hkP9QeTr6JpJtQV1DPjDjYtAjR
Mint tokens into the newly-created account:
spl-token mint 7RFaNSSdVD9Q2aYJf1XNCTz7xKfgN19fAPAsAqzaorqr 10000
Minting 10000 tokens
Token: 7RFaNSSdVD9Q2aYJf1XNCTz7xKfgN19fAPAsAqzaorqr
Recipient: 4dYFmw8ytJmYDmZLvFnobT4CKC7Z5q1W5b9byEuVVap7
Signature: 3aVqfVgmZu333YxwJg7xieKkmebdw9NpPvmsCJgao3eQTDwQNmWYD3KBppp5g6Tbw6cN7pjQonN61Z2d2CFazzqp
See all of the tokens that you own:
spl-token accounts
Token Balance
7RFaNSSdVD9Q2aYJf1XNCTz7xKfgN19fAPAsAqzaorqr 10000

Transferring SPL Tokens

Transferring tokens to another account:
spl-token transfer 7RFaNSSdVD9Q2aYJf1XNCTz7xKfgN19fAPAsAqzaorqr 50 qp6oBVgpxfQDMP1GKzxgzDxKqEuZnuC8gZo5PK1qrdh
If it's the receiver's first time ever receiving tokens, then you'll get an error like this:
Error: "Error: Recipient's associated token account does not exist. Add `--fund-recipient` to fund their account"
To fix it, you'll have to be the one to "fund" the recipient token account by adding the --fund-recipient flag:
spl-token transfer --fund-recipient AQoKYV7tYpTrFZN6P5oUufbQKAUr9mNYGe1TTJC9wajM 50 vines1vzrYbzLMRdu58
Transfer 50 tokens
Sender: 4dYFmw8ytJmYDmZLvFnobT4CKC7Z5q1W5b9byEuVVap7
Recipient: qp6oBVgpxfQDMP1GKzxgzDxKqEuZnuC8gZo5PK1qrdh
Recipient associated token account: 7G9XHxAjgXhkKnTmcb8Z24ssSgiXYNnTp8KqRuQVCi9D
Funding recipient: 7G9XHxAjgXhkKnTmcb8Z24ssSgiXYNnTp8KqRuQVCi9D
Signature: 25cb1D1pxN3Sh3cqFhJSP2hmD6jAMRDxeg9jrvp3SH6GNpkY6Z4viEs7FFsHwVH5528xUZB8xCT5F1uVrXpcTBcN